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Next generation interactive floor for STEM


FluurMat - games for children with SEN

Next generation interactive floor for SEN


Mobile version

Our mobile stands are easy to assemble and require no installation!


Games for children with SEN



Cooperative or competitive play



Management serious games


What is FluurMat?

FluurMat is a next generation interactive floor for STEM. In short, It is a platform for playing educational and entertainment video games on the floor.

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Your games, your content

Play the games that your institution already owns on the interactive floor. Currently, we support custom HTML games and a library of our own native apps.

Pinpoint precision

Interact with the games in FluurMat with pinpoint precision! The floor touches feel as precise as traditional tablet or smartphone taps.

Fun, engaging and educational

The STEM games that we offer are collaborative, engaging and teach youngsters different social skills.

Runs on affordable hardware.

FluurMat is envisioned as an all-in-one platform that you can purchase directly from us (or available re-sellers). Alternatively, with a little IT knowledge you can build one yourself. You do not need expensive hardware like Virtual Reality headsets or a high-end computer. Read all in our hardware section.

FluurMat hardware

Multiple mounting solutions.

FluurMat can be mounted on the the ceiling, on a wall or on various aluminium truss constructions. It can even be mounted on completely portable and movable constructions.

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Become a partner and help us shape the future of education!

Work with us and help us build a better world for our children! By becoming a partner, you can add a new and innovative product line to your spectrum, further grow your business, and participate in reshaping the way education is delivered.

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