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Help us reach new heights and grow together!

As we are expanding to reach new markets, the team behind FluurMat is looking for motivated individuals and businesses to become our sales channels. If you are a local business, partnering with us  by offering FluurMat in your inventory can further grow your business and reach new customers – kindergartens, schools and learning centers. Your local business has existing customers, contacts and relationships, and understands the local business culture and practices better.

On the other hand, if you are an individual, distributing FluurMat to your country or region can become a part-time or better yet – a full time job for you.

Get in touch with us for our terms, wholesale prices, and product discounts.

FluurMat interactive system distributor network

Develop games for FluurMat

If you are a game developer and looking for a new market for your game – look no further. You can develop games for educational institutions – schools, kindergartens and learning centers, or come up with your own market of customers. Maybe you like to create an interactive art installations or a 3D mapping for a customer? With FluurMat that is entirely possible. We do not charge any fees to the developers – how you sell your games is entirely up to you.

Developing games and apps for FluurMat is relatively straight forward. Code the games as you would normally do but instead of mouse clicks and keyboard buttons use touch events. FluurMat is built around the idea of a Natural User Interface – hence the user needs to use only gestures to interact with the game floor. Another thing to consider is to make sure that the game you develop is suitable to be played on the floor – with feet, hands or other objects.

FluurMat sdk developers interactive floor

Invest in us

Launched in 2016, FluurMat has already impressed users and technology experts alike. We dedicate an enormous effort in ensuring our technology works fluently. Meanwhile, we invest a substantial amount of time into researching and developing new motion and touch detection algorithms. We make sure our core technology is both agile and efficient, while maintaining innovation.

While our current market, namely educational institutions, is vast and stable, the technology behind FluurMat has the potential to be applied in many other industries. FluurMat allows users to interact with a virtual projection without any physical interaction with the actual hardware that runs the system. Imagine an affordable, fully interactive surface which can be placed anywhere, and which supports hundreds of simultaneous users. The only limitation is the physical space those users reside in. This is what we have to offer! We are on the lookout for investors with a potential market, as well as people interested in new technological trends. Get in touch with us and let’s create something amazing together!

Invest in us fluurmat interactive floor system

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