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What is FluurMat?

FluurMat is an interactive floor system.

FluurMat is built around the idea of Natural User Interface (NUI). Children can interact with the virtual world by the means of movement and game-play in a natural and fluid way. Instead of learning how to interact with a user interface, kids can literally jump into the virtual projection, play and learn in a fun and exiting way.

Affordable hardware system

FluurMat is a convenient and affordable interactive system.

Following this philosophy, we have made sure the system fits your desired setup and not vice-versa. You can mount the system onto a ceiling and affix it there permanently, or use it as a portable solution. Find out more in the hardware section.

Use cases

FluurMat is great for schools, kindergartens and learning centers.

A number of our games have been designed for entertainment purposes. These make FluurMat an engaging attraction wherever there are lots of children (and adults, of course) . All you need is a projector and a floor area and you can turn any place into a play zone. If you were wondering what new and exciting attraction you could offer at malls, shopping centers and kids centers, you’ve got the right place. Find out more in our solutions section.



FluurMat offers perpetual licensing and does not require subscription. You can calculate your estimated costs easier and you do not have to worry about costs when the system is not in use.


With FluurMat you have access to virtually unlimited number of games that can be played on the interactive floor. You can play native games - developed by our partners or us. Alternatively, play your own games - developed for your institution.


FluurMat does not require a powerful and expensive computer. We have dedicated a great amount of time optimizing our own code, rather than bumping up the hardware requirements (and therefore your budget).


The team behind FluurMat has years of experience in the game development industry. In addition, we constantly work with teachers and pedagogues and acknowledge their feedback. We know what works and what is fun to play.


FluurMat requires calibration to recognize the floor and separate it from moving objects. The calibration process is mostly automatic and takes only a few minutes.


We are serious when we talk about touch accuracy. When properly calibrated, the system can recognize and separate a 2 cm high object from the floor at a distance of 2.5 meters.


Different versions of FluurMat that you own share the same calibration system settings. Once the system is calibrated, switching between games and apps is as easy as just starting a different game.


Once you activate your license you can use the system for playing native games without an Internet connection. Playing online HTML games still requires a connection.

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