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BETT 2018 edition came and went! For everyone on our team, it was quite the experience. First time exhibiting. WoW! We were so excited that, finally, after 6 years of developing projects, video games and educational simulations for our customers, we were able to show to the world our first product. But what exactly did we develop?

FluurMat 2 (we will explain later what happened to version 1.0) is a combination of stand-alone games that were developed for a virtual floor. Of course, our games can be played with mouse and keyboard but where is the fun in that? Why not just step right in and start jumping on those moles…or numbers…or letters… with your feet. We found quite the interest from the visitors at Bett this year. Young and old, teachers and principals, boys and girls – they all wanted to step on FluurMat and just play (well, and eventually – educate).

The interest was so overwhelming that we are still processing all our meetings, contacts, feedback from visitors and educators, videos, photos and other media that we shot during the 4-day exhibition. Take a look at some of the photos and stay tuned for more – the best is yet to come!

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