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FluurMat description

What is FluurMat?

FluurMat is the next-generation interactive floor. It is a system that can turn any area into an interactive surface. It is also a collection of educational and entertainment games and apps.

Where can FluurMat be used ?

Our interactive floor can be applied in various contexts. Educational institutions, such as schools and kindergartens can use FluurMat for classes teaching STEM subjects. A number of our games have been designed for entertainment purposes. These make FluurMat an engaging attraction wherever there are lots of kids. Children entertainment companies, such as shopping malls and arcade centers can use FluurMat for organizing competitions between kids, use it when celebrating their birthday parties and special occasions.

What are the advantages of FluurMat over similar products?

FluurMat is the next-generation of interactive floors. As such, our company has developed its own object tracking and detection algorithms. Our software can detect an object (feet, hands and other objects) at 2 cm above the projection surface, which makes extremely precise. Unlike other interactive floor systems, our system discards unintentional touches, such as hovering your hands/feet more than 2 cm over the floor surface. Another advantage is that FluurMat games are more interactive and engaging compared to other similar products. In addition, our calibration approach takes less than 2 minutes to setup. As per our current strategy, once you buy our interactive system and games, you as a customer will receive additional software updates and newly developed games free of charge!


Why is FluurMat useful?

Our interactive floor solution offers game based learning and teaching by doing. Educational methods have changed over the past 20 years and FluurMat offers an attractive and effective method for teaching STEM subjects to students.

In addition, FluurMat can be used in a completely entertainment context, allowing children to cooperate or compete using the interactive projection.

How many games do you currently offer?

We have currently developed 37 games, with more coming our way.

Where can I see a list and description of all the games?

Here is a quick guide to our current games.

  • Hidden objects – it is a game that raises children’s awareness and attention to detail. It teaches youngsters to spot out certain objects that are hidden among other objects.
  • Stomp-a-mole is a game in which kids jump on moles that appear from the ground.  This game is appropriate for more energetic and playful children. We have developed a modification of this game, suitable for 2-team competitions and tournaments.
  • Abra-cad-algebra is a STEM game that teaches youngsters basic principles in algebra.  In it simple procedural equations are generated and the players have to step on 1 out of 4 answers. There are options for setting the difficulty level and setting time constraints.
  • Spot the differences is a collection of 24 games with two similar images in each game. Players are challenged to step on all the different elements in those 2 images before time runs out. The game raises children’s awareness.
  • Find the kitty – another game that focuses on children’s awareness. Players have to spot a kitty, hidden among a pack of dogs. The time for action is limited and there are 10 levels of difficulty.
  • Fast – moving trains – a game that trains quick reflexes and cooperation. With its 3 levels of difficulty, players have to step on moving trains in order to avoid them colliding. Children get a point for each saved train.
  • Airport tower – it is another game with 3 levels of difficulty. Players get into the role of air-traffic managers (ATM). Children have to cooperate in order to land, service, park and take off airplanes without them colliding. For each landed and serviced airplane, the players get a point.
  • Save the forest – a game in which children have to prevent a forest from being cut-down by evil invaders. Players are encouraged to cooperate in order to cope with the robot menace. The game gets more and more difficult as time progresses.
  • Snow tale – a game in which children walk around a snowy area and leave snow trains on the ground. The game is also appropriate for children with special educational needs.

Where can I buy FluurMat for my institution?

We work exclusively with distributors. Depending on your region, you can contact some of our wholesales or distributing partners.

How to order?

As we said, you can visit one of our partnering online platforms. Most distributors require a 50% down payment.

How long does it take to get FluurMat delivered?

Depending on your location, it can take between 2 weeks and a month to get FluurMat delivered and installed on your premises.

I am a distributor. What terms and conditions do you offer to distributors?

We can offer various discounts, wholesale prices and exclusive distribution rights for certain regions. We do negotiate individual terms, lead-in periods and target sales per period (quarter or year).

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